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  • Is this Speciality Coffee? Yes! Our coffee is rated 83 points and higher by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.
  • Is this fair trade coffee? Fair trade prices and other certifications do not always guarantee the best benefits for farmers. While our coffee does not have the official Fair Trade Certification, we are paying our farmers 40% above fair trade organic coffee prices.
  • Is this organic coffee? We are currently implementing organic practices! Stay tuned!
  • Is it better to buy whole bean or ground coffee? We recommend purchasing whole bean coffee. Once ground, coffee stales much faster as it has more surface area to oxidize. We suggest keeping your coffee beans intact as long as possible to help preserve the freshness and flavor.
  • How do I brew the best cup of Impact Coffee? To brew the best cup of our coffee, make sure you are using fresh coffee and clean water at the right temperature (just off the boil, around 200°F / 93°F). Check out our brew methods [LINK] for more information.
  • How should I store my Impact Coffee? The best way to store coffee is in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. We recommend storing your coffee in its whole bean state and grinding it immediately prior to brewing. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing your coffee.
  • Once donated, where does the money from my tour go? 100% of the net profits from any experience or service booked with Impact Experiences is donated directly to NGO Niños de Guatemala. This revenue is then used with the general donation fund to support teacher salaries, building maintenance, the purchase of school supplies and more. You can find a full breakdown in the NDG Annual Report here: [LINK].
  • Are there other ways I can help? Yes! There are many ways to support Niños de Guatemala whether it be volunteering, making a donation, sponsoring the education of a student, or referring someone to our tours. Find out more here: [LINK].
  • Are Antigua and Guatemala safe? Though we have not had any safety issues on our tours, participants should follow the advice and directions of their tour guide at all times when on experiences as well as use common sense precautions. Guatemala’s tourist destinations are typically very safe as there is an increased police presence and minimal activity by criminal organizations in these locations. Most travelers visit Guatemala without incident.
  • Where should I stay in Antigua? There are many accommodation options in Antigua. If you need somewhere to stay while here, consider choosing our Luxury Homestay or Good Hotel, a former private mansion with a minimalistic design infused with local touches, with 100% of profits donated to NGO Niños de Guatemala.
  • How should I get to Antigua? If you need transport from the Guatemala City Airport or another location in Guatemala, check out our transport options here.
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