At Impact Coffee, we believe in creating a positive impact with everything we do. 100% net profit of all services booked with us is donated directly to Niños de Guatemala, an NGO providing education and empowerment to ~500 children who would otherwise not have access to it, to break the cycle of poverty and contribute to a better future for Guatemala. We offer unique and memorable experiences that collaborate with the communities we visit and support the local economy by partnering with local guides, providers, and artisans. Meet some of the locals we work with:


Daniela is a member of Impact Experiences’ guide team. Born in Guatemala City, Daniela moved to Antigua at a young age. With a scholarship from Impact Experiences, Daniela completed her INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Board) guide training and certification. Now as a guide with Impact Experiences, she loves to teach visitors about her country and culture while leading our impactful tours. Come explore Guatemala with Daniela!

DOÑA Gretchen

Doña Gretchen, mother of a student enrolled in NDG’s El Porvenir school, is a local farmer with a passion for coffee. On our Impact Coffee Workshop is San Lorenzo, Doña Gretchen will teach you all about Guatemala’s coffee: its history, cultural importance, growing and production processes, and the best way to brew a cup of coffee. You’ll also learn about Gretchen’s daily life and the problems faced by coffee workers in Guatemala as well as how Impact Coffee is working to combat them. You’ll get to enjoy Gretchen’s handiwork with cups of delicious coffee.

Doña Maritza

Doña Martiza has worked for 20 years to produce a quality coffee for which she would in turn receive a quality price. This has been impossible until now. With the support of Impact Coffee, Doña Maritza gets a fair price for her coffee that is allowing her to plant the rest of the land she owns and invest in continuing to improve her coffee quality. Her dream is to win Guatemala’s “Cup of Excellence” competition.

Doña Etelbina

Doña Etelbina is a young mother that has faced many financial and family struggles. She has managed to grow their land ownings and coffee production and are working towards a better situation with the support of Impact Coffee and its partners.

Doña Ana

Doña Ana is the mother of 10 children and grandmother of 25. Coffee has been the livelihood for their family for many years and together they’ve lived through droughts and floods, market highs and lows as well as debt. With low coffee prices since 2010, Doña Ana and her family have found it difficult to keep up with household needs and loan payments. With the fair prices paid by Impact Coffee and its partners, Doña Ana has been able to  provide for her family as required.


Yomara is the daughter of Doña Ana and has two children of her own that she wishes to provide with every opportunity possible. Yomara has inheritance from her parents to grow coffee. Although her production is small right now, she hopes to continue to grow.

Doña Raquela

Doña Raquela is the daughter of coffee producers and has remained dedicated to this crop her entire life. She is the mother of two grown children and the wife of a coffee producer. Doña Raquela manages her coffee apart from that of her husband to ensure the household is taken care of and her coffee cared for appropriately. She consistently produces quality coffee and anticipates investing in improved production as she continues to grow.


Josue and Alene manage Chica Bean, a coffee project partner of Impact Coffee. Josue, father of two and three time entrepreneur is Chica Bean’s lead in product development and networking. Alene, mother of two and a lifetime farm girl, oversees community relations and strategy development.