Impact Coffee is a single-origin, single-estate, 100% Arabica specialty coffee grown in New Oriente, Guatemala:

  • Altitude: 1500 meters (4921 feet) above sea level
  • Precipitation: 800 to 1.200 mm (31.5 to 47.25 inches)
  • Varieties: Catuai, Caturra, Pache
  • Processing: Fermented, Washed and Patio Dried
  • Grain Selection: Manual Selection of Best Grains
  • Cupping: Each lot is cupped individually
  • Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
  • Rating: 83 pts and above on Specialty Coffee Association scale
  • Our coffee is 100% traceable, right back to the farmer that grew it. Our growers are female smallholder coffee farmers. To empower them, their families, and their communities, we pay them a fair price for their beans, assist them in investing in their farm, and help them improve their working conditions. We share information and best practices with our farmers and focus on ecological, social and economic growth. In addition, we facilitate field learning trips. We aim to be long term partners with the women farmers we collaborate with.