Guatemala is known for its delicious, quality coffee. Our coffee comes from single-origin, single-estate Arabica beans grown in New Oriente, located in Guatemala’s Dry Corridor, at an altitude of 1500 meters (4921 feet) above sea level.

Our coffee beans are hand-selected and undergo fermentation, processing, and patio drying to ensure the highest quality of our green beans. Coffee can undergo different preparations during its processing into green beans as described below.

Green beans next undergo roasting, the process of slowly transforming the chemical and physical properties of the coffee bean to bring out its aroma and flavour. Our lead roaster, Evelyn Tupul, is responsible for guaranteeing that the coffee beans are roasted for the appropriate amount of time. The roasting process is determined by time. The lighter the roast the shorter time the bean is roasted and the more caffeine it has. The darker the roast the longer the beans are roasted and the less amount of caffeine it has. Currently we only offer dark roast due to its popularity.


Washed coffee is currently the most common preparation of coffee beans. The process removes the fruit completely from the coffee bean and the beans undergo fermentation and washing prior to drying. Washed coffees tend to be clear and vibrant. Our dark roast coffee is prepared using this method.

Natural processing of coffee leaves the whole fruit on the bean for the drying process and can bring out unique cupping notes such as sweetness and fruitiness. Our natural processed green beans are available for wholesale orders.

Honey processing combines elements of the washing and natural processes. During honey processing, the fruit is completely removed from the bean but no fermentation or washing takes place. This creates notes more complex than washed beans but less fruity then naturally processed ones. Our honey processed green beans are available for wholesale orders.